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Over 25 years experience in cleanroom technology. We realise turn-key system solutions – planning to qualification.

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Apart from ready for occupancy turn-key cleanroom system solutions
SCHILLING ENGINEERING manufactures and supplies cleanroom cabins, clean- room production cells, laminarflow workingbenches, minienvironments, cleanroom automation solutions, changing rooms and cleanroom equipments, as well as cleanroom clothes - designed for your individual needs.

Cleanroom Systems: CleanCell©, CleanMediCell® and CleanSteriCell®
Complete cleanroom systems meet the standards of the highest cleanroom classes. They are designed to meet the particularly demanding areas of sensitive fabrication as in the semiconductor or optical industries, of medical technology and pharmaceutical processing.
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Cleanroom Cabins: CleanFlowCell®
Cleanroom cabins and tents provide restricted clean working areas that can be set up quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively.
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Cleanroom Workstations: CleanProCel®
Laminarflow Workstations stand for limited high-purity air areas. They provide the highest possible product and personal safety.
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Cleanroom Application
Every cleanroomproject is designed to meet the individual customer’s needs. You can find examples of specific designs in our news:

Modular cleanroom technology for pharmaceutical packaging systems – safe and flexible

Schilling Engineering  GmbH - Modular cleanroom technology

More information can be found here.

Our products:

- Cleanrooms in ISO cleanroom classes 4-9
CleanCell cleanroom systems are used wherever even the slightest contamination can put production quality at risk For example, they apply to the production and packaging of sensitive goods such as those in micro- and nanotechnology or in sensitive fabrication areas in the optical, laser and semiconductor industries.

Schilling Engineering  GmbH - Cleanrooms in ISO cleanroom classes 4-9

More information can be found here.

CleanMediCell® - Cleanrooms in ISO cleanroom classes 4-9
In the area of medical technology, special cleanroom systems from the CleanMediCell product line ensure the absolute safety of products. Thanks to the use of special seals and very high filter performance, the quality of cleanroom air can be maintained consistently. These systems are used for manufacturing, assembly, testing and packaging of medicinal components, e.g. implants or surgery material.

Schilling Engineering  GmbH - CleanMediCell®

More information can be found here.

CleanSteriCell® - Cleanrooms in GMP cleanroom classes B, C, D, E
In the demanding areas of pharmaceutical processing, laboratories and pharma- cies, the requirements for cleanrooms are particularly high. The CleanSteriCell systems guarantee compliance with the strict legal regulations for product and personal safety. The use of microbiologically tested workbenches ensures a germ- free environment. The silicone free GMP sealing clip system and e.g. filter leak test equipments meet the requirements of the GMP standards perfectly.

Schilling Engineering  GmbH - CleanSteriCell®

More information can be found here.

CleanFlowCell® - Cleanroom cabins and tents in ISO cleanroom classes 5-9, GMP C, D, E
CleanFlowCell cleanroom cabins and tents are modular in design. The systems are optimally adapted to specific customer needs in a wide variety of application areas and space conditions. Variable sizes and a standardised plug system permit their fast, simple assembly and offer flexible restructuring and expansion options. Product safety is ensured by means of defined laminar flow flushing.

CleanFlowCell cleanroom cabins have smooth wall panels and profile systems as well as large cleanroom windows provide a pleasant, easy-to-clean working environment.

CleanFlowCell cleanroom tents use high-quality PVC sheet and strip curtains for a safe production environment, the optimum integration of machines and flexible setup. These tent solutions are self-standing and form a closed room.

Schilling Engineering  GmbH - CleanFlowCell®

More information can be found here.

CleanProCel® - Laminarflow working bench systems, ISO cleanroom classes 5
The clean room workstations from SCHILLING ENGINEERING have innovative filter technology and optimised airflow to provide limited high-purity clean air areas for particularly sensitive production or measurement tasks. Their flexible construc- tion and the use of different materials permit these systems to be dimensioned differently in size and power to be perfectly adapted to customer needs and space requirements. CleanProCel workstation systems provide the highest possible product and personal safety in a small space.

Schilling Engineering  GmbH - CleanProCel®

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We are looking forward to your visit at Fakuma: hall A1, booth 1226.

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