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Combitool AG
Flexible solutions for plastic and laminate tube production with intelligent tooling

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In 1987, with twenty years of experience in designing tools and machines for the tube industry, Henry Ueberegger started out with a little tool shop. Now, more than 30 years later, his tool shop has grown into a company which offers state-of-the-art tube body making, heading, top sealing and capping machines.

The goal from the beginning was to create high quality equipment that is realiable, cost effective and flexible. This goal has become the main motivation behind all projects at Combitool AG.

Thanks to the continuous cooperation of our loyal worldwide customers, we have become a highly qualified engineering company specialized in size parts and machines for the world tube industry.

Specialized staff with support from expert consultants achieve uncompromised precision. This also allows plenty of room for new ideas to grow.

In 2014 Combitool AG became a Member of PackSys Global Group, a group that designs and manufactures full lines for producing laminate and extruded tubes and plastic beverage caps. The knowledge behind this extended portfolio enables Combitool Solutions to strengthen its already successful portfolio and customer service.

Combitool - Firmengebäude
Combitool AG in Bäretswil / Schweiz


Prestige Body Maker
The Technology
Combitool Solutions’ Prestige Body Maker allows easy integration in every flexible tube production environment. It forms laminates into bodies required for high quality tube production.

The main advantage of this system is the flexible operation allowing use of almost any type of laminate. This results in the highest level of quality and reliability.

Changing the type of laminate typically does not require changing size parts. The compact design allows reel change during operation and direct integration to the header without buffer.

Easy around-the-clock operation, low maintenance, long term investment protection and perfect body production are the main arguments for this efficient laminate Body Maker.

Your Benefits
• Seaming of PBL and ABL laminate
• Minimal set-up time for size part exchange
• Simple maintenance
• High level of overall efficiency
• Attractive cost / benefit ratio
• High quality Swiss Engineering
• Worldwide customer service

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Combitool AG - Prestige Body Maker
Prestige Body Maker

Prestige Header/Capper

The Technology
The most flexible choice for the production of tubes

Prestige 20 Header
Combitool Solutions’ Prestige 20 Header provides unbeaten flexibility for todays’ and tomorrows’ competitive tube production and challenging market requirements. It ensures high reliability and consistent overall efficiency at an optimum production speed.

This fully electric machine is designed for maximum production output, with a quick tool change and cost-saving size parts. An innovative and precise pressing process provides the highest tube quality at lowest
maintenance costs.

The machine can be adapted to any application: used as a stand-alone unit or placed directly in-line with extruders, side-seamers, printers and cappers.

Thanks to the clever HMI concept the machine is easy to operate providing shortest possible setup times.

Stay competitive in the global market with this compact and flexible tube heading System.

Prestige 20 Capper
Combitool Solutions’ Prestige 20 Capper is designed to be operated as a sub-unit to a Prestige 20 Header. It applies screw-on, push-on and orientated caps to any shape of tube.

The design ensures fast setup time, high reliability and consistent Overall efficiency at an optimum production speed.

This Capper, when connected to a Header, creates an integrated tube production line where decorated tubes remain oriented through the whole process.

Perfectly oriented round and oval tube capping with an extra precision torque station for screw-on caps, makes this Capper a perfect match to cope with challenging market demands.

Your Benefits

Prestige 20 Header
• 80 tubes/min (plastic or laminate)
• Heading round, oval or other shapes
• Ideal efficiency for small and medium batch sizes
• Quick tool change and short setup time
• Easy to operate System
• High quality Swiss Engineering
• Competent and fast customer service
Prestige 20 Capper
• Caps round, oval or other tube shape
• Screw-on, push-on and orientated caps
• Ideal efficiency for small and medium batch sizes
• Optional Top-Seal application
• Quick tool change
• High quality Swiss engineering
• Competent and fast customer service

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Combitool AG - Prestige Header Capper
Prestige Header/Capper

STN Top Sealer

The Technology
Combitool Solutions’ STN Top Sealer protects tubes and their contents against tampering. Food and pharmaceutical products with screw-on caps, in particular, often require this special protection.

In today’s market, customers increasingly demand sealed tubes to ensure that the contents are fresh and have not been tampered with.

Combitool Solutions’ flexible top sealing system can be integrated into all types of tube production lines.

The STN Top Sealer cuts the seal from a foil and welds it to the plastic tube head in just one process.

This top sealer is highly versatile and can be adapted to any tube production line. Directly integrated with heading or capping stations, it provides high reliability and quality in everyday operation.

Your Benefits
• Sealing plastic or laminate tubes
• 1 to 3 punch and seal units per System
• Integration in different environments
• Simple operation and maintenance
• High level of overall efficiency
• Attractive cost / benefit ratio
• High quality Swiss engineering
• Worldwide customer service

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Combitool AG - STN Top Sealer
STN Top Sealer

Size Parts

Die Technologie
The cosmetic and personal care industries are the main drivers for new developments in tube designs and tube manufacturing. These tubes play a critical role in product:
• Presentation
• Differentiation
• Protection
• Application

The tube, being recognized as the perfect packaging for viscous products, is also used for a growing number of new products like mascara, lip balm, and applications like precision dosing, nasal applicators or dome heads.

Customers look for marketing differentiations such as best decoration, special tube design (oval, rectangular), attractive caps aligned with tube decoration and much more – and all this at the best possible price with decreasing volumes.

Whatever kind of plastic or laminate tube your customer or your marketing people ask for, we have the best choice to provide the required production equipment.

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Combitool AG - Tubenköpfe


You can rely on us

With our competent and fast customer service we ensure to keep your Combitool equipment in continuous operation and runs at peak performance – at all times.

Our Services at a glance:
• Professional on-site commissioning
• Thorough and customer specific trainings
• Remote diagnostics (RDM) and support
• Quick on-site service intervention
• Machine inspection and check-up’s
• Maintenance and upgrade/overhaul
• Process optimization
• High-availability of service parts
• Pilot tooling for new tube designs

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Combitool AG - Service

PackSys Global Group

All companies in the PackSys Global family provide specialist equipment for the packaging industry.

PackSys Global manufactures high-speed machines and complete lines for plastic and laminate tubes, while Combitool Solutions' portfolio addresses the mid-speed market. PackSys Global offers also folding and slitting machines for plastic caps. Madag Printing Systems is a specialist in hot stamping machines for the packaging, machinery and automotive industries; and Texa Packaging adds value to the portfolio by developing and building packing machines for tubes, cans and cartridges. PackSys Global subsidiaries are located in Switzerland and India.

Visit us at the K fair. We would be pleased to meet you on our booth:
Hall 3 / Booth D90

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Compression moulding machines and transfer moulding machines / Machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries / Compression and transfer moulding presses for plastics



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