PackSys Global AG
Designed and assembled in Switzerland, our production lines set the standards of cosmetic tube, laminate tube and plastic closures production 

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PackSys Global AG manufactures advanced packaging equipment that is ideally suited for oral and personal care, cosmetic, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries..

Extensive portfolio
• Complete lines for laminate, plastic and aluminum tubes, plastic beverage caps and monobloc aerosol cans
• Offset decoration equipment for aluminum and plastic caps
• High precision automatic hot stamping solutions from Madag Printing Systems
• Extensive packing solutions for tubes, aerosol cans and cartridges in boxes, bundles and full layer from Texa

Experienced and timely support
Located at specialized plants in Switzerland and Thailand, highly skilled R&D and production teams ensure constant development and integration of the latest technology on our equipment.

Experienced service engineers in service centers in Brazil, China, India, Switzerland, Thailand and USA offer specialized local service to customers.

With more than 40 years proven experience as our foundation, we continue to stand for Swiss engineered innovation, precision, reliability and performance.



Oral care & cosmetic tube equipment - Info
PackSys Global offers complete lines and sets industry benchmarks

Plastic and laminate equipment - Info >>>
Combitool Solutions offers flexible solutions for plastic and laminate tube production with intelligent tooling technology.

Plastic & metal caps equipment - Info >>>
PackSys Global helps customers to design complete systems to produce caps from resins to the packed product.

Aluminum aerosol can and collapsible aluminum tube equipment - Info >>>
PackSys Global manufactures complete lines and is the world leader for decoration technologies and interior coating of cans.

Hot stamping systems - Info >>>
Madag Printing Systems provide a comprehensive range of flexible and reliable automatic hot stamping machines.

Tube, can & cartridge packing - Info >>>
Texa Packaging is the leading packing partner across the globe for packing unfilled laminate, plastic or aluminum tubes and aerosol cans and bottles.

Packsys - LTR2
LTR2 side-seamer produces unrivaled, invisible and strong seam quality


Inviseam® - revolutionized Side-Seam Technology
PackSys Global introduced Inviseam® in its laminate tube machines a decade ago. Whereas most laminate tubes have an overlap, Inviseam technology allows butt-welding of the laminate, making the seam almost invisible to the consumer.

Inviseam® is produced on the LTR2, which also allows for 360 degree printing, similar to extruded tubes but with the lower cost and higher quality possible

from printing in the flat. This technology allows tube manufacturers to use laminate tubes for the cosmetic industry to give nearly the same feel and appearance as extruded tubes. Inviseam technology continues to be unrivaled in the market, ten years after its introduction.

Your Benefits
• Inviseam® technology makes the seam almost invisible to the consumer.
• Allows laminate tubes to be used for the cosmetic industry.
• Guaranteed seam strength quality.

Packsys - Inviseam

360seam™ - new side-seam printing Technology
360seam™ is PackSys Global’s side-seam technology for cosmetic laminate tubes to meet the high quality demands from the market. This highly stable, perfectly accurate seaming process creates laminate tubes with 360° printed appearance showing no visible overlap to the consumer. Yet tube manufacturers continue to have all the decoration possibilities of flat printing.

360seam™ technology takes advantage of ‘combination presses’ where flexo, silk-screen and foil stamping can decorate laminate in one step.

Not only is 360seam™ technology an advanced decoration solution for tube manufacturers, it is more sustainable and kinder to the environment; since its direct printing eliminates the need for labels. Also, laminate technology allows use of multiple thin layers to give the same look and feel in a thinner tube compared to an extruded tube.

PackSys Global has developed a new generation of side- seamers for its laminate tube lines specifically designed to cost effectively produce small batches of high quality cosmetic laminate tubes with 360seam™ printing: CTS 80 (80 tubes/minute) and CTS 125 (125 tubes/minute).

Your benefits
• 360seam™ allows 360 printing with small overlap
• Highly stable, perfectly accurate seaming process
• 360seam™ has all decoration possibilities of flat printing
• Ideal for small batch production or startup businesses

Packsys - 360seam™

Visit us at the K exhibition. We are looking forward to welcoming you on our stand (hall 3, stand D90).

PackSysGlobal_-_LogoPackSys Global AG
Spitalstrasse 38
CH-8630 Rüti

Tel. +41 55 253 37 00



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